bauraum Facades


History and memorial centre in Drancy    Photo credit: Yohan Zerdoun

bauraum Facades advises its architect clients, specialized engineering firms and clients in the design and building of envelopes and façades.

bauraum Facades enables architects and clients to implement their ideas of façades and to obtain a technical translation.

The interface between two worlds

The envelope is the perimeter of a building, separating interior from exterior, private space from public space.

By building his walls and roof, mankind not only protects himself from assaults and bad weather, but also defines his private sphere, his intimate space. The envelope, a filter of natural elements as well as human information, belonging much to the city as to the building, must be considered like space in itself. Interface of two worlds, it takes on multiple functions and is the point of many expectations. It must answer to many technical constraints: to ensure the control of light while enabling a visual relation with the environment, to protect against noise pollution and to guarantee interior comfort, to dispense a certain level of wellbeing respecting environmental quality criteria. These technical considerations only partially explain the complexity of the envelope as a system. It is the key element of the building where the vision of the architect and the desires of the client coalesce. It is the envelope and the façades that endorse the mission to represent the building as a whole. Indeed it is they that inform on how the building was designed, that explain how it holds and what its structure is about.  As an opposite approach, the envelope can be a second skin aimed at misleading the viewer, a membrane that protects from stares or the sun, a mask that startles, seduces or deceives.


bauraum_detail_enveloppe_pbauraum Facades intervenes in many different domains such as:

  • Designing glass and opaque casings
  • Designing or rehabilitating façades, skylights and canopies
  • Research and integration of innovative materials in the project
  • Geometry and feasibility studies



bauraum Facades delivers the following services:

Prototype à l'échelle 1/5

Skylight prototype on a scale of  1/5

  • Technical assistance
  • Design, technical studies and project supervision
  • Technical audits, feasibility studies
  • Access to innovative techniques
  • Project management
  • Value engineering and Risk engineering
  • Support services for foreign companies entering the French market, which can translate for instance by the:
    • Assistance and representation of the foreign client at meetings and for French organizations (CSTB, supervising office, etc.)
    • Technical translations including the critical analysis of the documents.
    • Organisation and implementation of transnational communication.